And one for all the "metrosexual" guys out there... here's Shane Warne #spotted in the hugely popular Ray Ban Aviator (RB3025).

These bad boys are sure to be making a comeback in the next couple of years, when the long-awaited Top Gun sequel is released.

Not sure if Maverick will be rocking this version though... I can't decide if Shane is wearing the Violet (RB3025 167/1M) or the Blue/Violet (RB3025 167/68) model, I think it's the Blue/Violet personally, but they're both awesome!


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I've been at it again! #spotted Rita Ora in black Tom Ford "Anoushka" cat-eye sunglasses (FTO371). Simply #gorgeous (if you have a spare $425!)

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The ever beautiful Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was #spotted out with the gorgeous Prince George at the weekend, watching Daddy play polo. For those of you wondering what sunglasses she was wearing - look no further...




Kate is a fan of the #RayBan 'Wayfarer' and has been snapped wearing them at numerous public outings. She is famed for wearing the "foldable" version in the Tortoiseshell, with brown gradient lenses (RB4105 710/51) which I'm sure these are!



However, originally I did think she might be wearing the RB2140 902/57, which although not foldable, would in fact be a much better choice as the lenses are Polarised!



(If anyone is interested in the benefits of Polarised over non-Polarised lenses, let me know and I'll be sure to add it to my "to-do" list of post!?)




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I must say I'm quite surprised you haven't all been knocking down the SarahKnowsEyes door, dying to find out what sunglasses Cheryl Fernadez-Versini was wearing when #spotted at Nice airport yesterday. Well, wonder no more, she is wearing the Fendi "Orchidea" in what appears to be a black/white frame with brown tinted lenses. Although not available in this colour combination (obviously sold out after Mrs F-V's endorsement), if you hotfoot it over to the Fendi website, a pair of these beauties will only set you back £330! How the other half live eh...


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