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Had to share this one - Happy New Year everybody!


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A little shameless, blatant self-promotion today, the twelfth and final day of SKE “Twelve day of Christmas” (Geez! Hasn't that gone quick?!). Ex-stock clearance, currently all “on offer”. Here are some of my faves…


Case sets, including case, keyring screwdriver, cloth AND cord – bargain!!


 Beautiful spectacle "necklaces"


Selection of "ready-readers", including these beauties...


Check out all that SpexFactor has to offer here. With 150 positive feedbacks, you can rest assured that I'm a good egg?!


All contributions greatly received ;) A very merry Christmas to you all!


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This “seller” has one of the best collections of novelty specs I have ever seen, including plenty of Christmas themed ones – you have just GOT to check them out!


I’ve chosen my favourite


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