I love being a Dispensing Optician, and always strive to do my job to the best of my ability. Advising the patient as to the correct frame for them (both practically and aesthetically), ensuring that they have been recommended the lens best suited to their individual requirements, and lastly making sure that the finished product is fitting both correctly and comfortably. Once the patient steps outside the door however, it’s pretty much up to them, I’ve done all I can at that point.

The biggest “sin” with regards to spectacle wearing habits, is unsurprisingly NOT wearing them! This isn’t such an issue with somebody that requires their spectacles all of the time, but those that only need to wear them for specific tasks, or those that have been advised to wear them for the first time, can be trying. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard: “I don’t really need them”; “they’re not comfortable”; “I don’t like wearing them” or “I forget to put them on”.

If you’re guilty of this, ask yourself… why?

A scrupulous practice will not prescribe spectacles for the fun of it. If we have recommended them to you, it’s because the Optometrist has gauged that they are required as a result of the examination he/she has carried out and from the responses you gave during it. If you’re unsure as to when you’re supposed to wear them or what for – go back and ask the Dispensing Optician to clarify it for you. If they’re not comfortable, again, go back and ask the Dispensing Optician to check the fitting – you’d be surprised, the smallest adjustment can make a big difference! If you don’t like the spectacles you have chosen, or really just don’t like wearing them – the advice is? Strangely enough, go back! Speak to the Dispensing Optician. Would it be possible to choose a different frame? Perhaps Contact Lenses might be an option for you? And if you forget them on a regular basis? Maybe a multifocal lens might be a better choice so that you can wear them all the time. Or getting a couple of pairs, so that you can leave one at home, one at work, one in the car, etc?

You’ll see a pattern emerging here? If you’re not happy with your spectacles, don’t just grin and bear it – GO BACK!! Speak to the nice kind Dispensing Optician! We’re not ogres, we don’t bite. At the end of the day we just want you to be happy with your chosen spectacles, visually and aesthetically.

Another #badhabit is wearing poorly fitting or grubby spectacles. There’s no harm in popping in to see your Dispensing Optician every few months for them to give your spectacles a once-over. Ask them for an MOT on your specs – they’ll know what you mean ;) We can change the nosepads and/or endtips where appropriate if they’ve gotten discoloured, and check that they’re still fitting okay. Spectacles can easily get knocked out of shape, and loosen-up naturally over time.

A final #badhabit, a personal bugbear of mine, is people wearing somebody else’s spectacles! You wouldn’t wear somebody else’s false teeth would you? So why would you wear their spectacles?! Nough said! Grrrrr!