dolce and gabbana sunglasses

Look at these beauties - they are literally a work of Dolce & Gabbana art! If I had the money (or, more importantly, the style to carry them off!), I would snap a pair of these up in a heartbeat! Sadly however, I have neither. Those of you with a keen eye (no pun intended!) might have noticed the "Pinterest" icon on the right? That's correct! I have Pinterest!

Having been in the spectacle business for 12 years now (seriously, has it been THAT long?!), I have seen the fashions in spectacles and sunglasses change quite a bit. Like fashion in general, this has always fascinated me. Part of the reason I wanted to create SarahKnowsEyes was as a means of creating a visual representation through which to document the dernier cri.

So, I'm going to use Pinterest as an online "scrapbook" (well, I guess that's what it's kinda intended for...), to share pictures, like the one above, with you all. Go on, pay me a visit, give me a follow, and we can embark on this journey of Ophthalmic evolution together?!