Solar Eclipse

 Stunning isn’t it?

IF the clouds part for long enough to grant us a peak at the solar eclipse tomorrow morning between 8-10am, please be sure to protect your eyes properly, as such an event can be hugely dangerous to your eyesight!

Did you know that ultraviolet radiation from the sun is so strong that it can actually burn your retinas in mere seconds, causing something known as ‘solar retinopathy’ – permanent damage to your eyes, and even blindness.

 Sunspots and Solar Flares

You must NEVER look directly at the sun through sunglasses

You must NEVER look directly at the sun through 3D viewing glasses

In fact, the best advice I can give you, is to never look directly at the sun – you only get one pair of eyes, so why take the risk?!

By far, the safest way to view an eclipse is using a pinhole projector, which is super-easy to make and doubles-up as a fun task for little ones, whilst teaching them the importance of looking after their eyes!

Find out how to make your very own pinhole projector here via/

Be safe x